How We Travel: Are there right and wrong reasons to travel? Why are YOU traveling?

Traveling… an action people perform for many different reasons. Traveling can fulfill a feeling of emptiness, give someone the sense of adventure, or simply because someone has free time. The question is, “are there right and wrong reasons to travel,” which I personally believe any reason is a good reason to travel.

Traveling is something that benefits people in ways that they would never imagine. It can help physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether it is hiking in national parks to get in shape, or traveling to another country to find yourself again… every experience comes with benefits. Some people believe when you travel you lose yourself for a little because you are putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation or embracing a new culture. While the feeling of losing yourself is a possibility, there is also the reward of finding yourself again.

Finding myself through travel is the reason why I am traveling.

In the states, I have a very busy schedule which entails school, work, family and friends. I live everyday thinking what is next on my schedule and never fully live in the present.

While in Italy, I hope to truly embrace the culture and take my time when it comes to daily activities. Taking my time when it comes to experiencing scenery, tasting wine, eating the cuisine, and enjoying a long conversation. I hope to gain appreciation for the Italian culture, while also gaining confidence in myself that I can accomplish my set goals.

I wish to obtain the relaxed, non-anxious Italian lifestyle and bring it back to the states so I can enjoy my life on earth more. I hope by living in Florence I will come to appreciate the little things, things that I did not even know were appreciable. I hope to be swallowed up in this culture, embrace it and love every second of it. That is why i choose to travel.


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