BLOG POST 3 Describe a Scene: Mercato Centrale

Mercati Centrale is an ginormous, open market, the length of four football fields. It is home to local citizens and restaurants that provide different varieties of food and drinks to visitors and florentine citizens.

This market has dimmed lights, but is lit up by big class windows that are on the back wall. Each food stand is closely located to one another, with only a thin wall providing separation.

The sounds that makes up this market are loud and chaotic enough to make your head spin. Conversations consist of different languages, tones of voice and topics. People are either yelling at one another to “find a table,” or to “save a spot in the food line.”

During the prime lunch hour on June 14, 2015 at 1pm, this room was roaring with different sounds. I was able to find a table located by three american men. These men had small conversation, consisting of asking their waiter, “what their best tasting beer was.” These men looked like they were typical tourist because one had an American Eagle collard shirt on, while the other had cargo shorts and grey nike running shoes. Their body language portrayed that they were new and unfamiliar to the market. They constantly looked around, pointing to different stations and kept an eye on their belongings.

Three american men ordering beer at Mercato Centrale, located in Florence, Italy. Photo taken by Liz Griswold

The traveling smells from each food station brought up conversation between these three men. They continued to chat about the smells of different meat, fresh cheese, and baked bread that came from every direction, making it hard to decide which way to go after they finished their beer.

Around 1:23pm the three men got up and ventured to the coffee bar, and got what it looked like to be a small espresso.

This market portrays perfectly what I believe our society is when it comes to culture. When so many cultures are together in one room, it is chaotic and messy, but at the same time there is beauty about the chaos. Without all the chaos, there would not be the different wonderful tastes and people that make up the market. The variety is what helps makes this market so wonderful… proving cultural diversity is a positive thing.


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