BLOG 6 If You Go Travel Article.

For my If You Go Travel Article, “5 Hidden Gems of Amalfi…Besides the Beautiful Beaches,” you will find top 5 reasons I loved Amalfi for more than just its’ picture perfect beach and coast line.

My Winning Trip to the Amalfi Coast by Emma Mutino, is one recent travel article that discusses the wonders of the Amalfi Coast. She blogs about her activities and joys that she experiences while visiting with her boyfriend. She discusses three main experiences she encounters 1) boat ride with an Amalfi sailor 2) cooking class and 3) a trip to a wine cellar.

She provides in-depth description for each experience… almost too much depth though. Each paragraph description is long, and not broken up, making it hard to keep the readers attention.  For example Mutino states, “After waking up feeling like an absolute princess in Don Alfonso on a Tuesday morning, my boyfriend Vincent and I started our winding drive down to Marina Del Cantone. As soon as we started walking towards Lo Scoglio, I was smiling from ear to ear.” In my opinion, it seems to be she is writing a novel, which is not necessarily a travel blog.

She provides detailed, significant photos she took herself, which helps the reader stay interested. Each picture she places throughout the post goes well with each topic she discusses. Seeing the detailed photos helps the reader feel apart of her experience as well.

Overall I believe this article describes and helps explain to the reader that there is more to the Amlafi Coast that just a gorgeous view.

A Romantic Day in Amalfi by Laura Thayer is another travel article that describes what there is to do in Amalfi if you are looking for other activities than just the beach.

Thayer does this in two specific ways, 1) by having an evening stroll or 2) a romantic dinner. Although each idea is described in only a short paragraph, she does a good job using links.

An example of this is for “An Evening Stroll,” she states, “Back in Amalfi, climb the ancient staircases high above the city, and enjoy the panorama of the city as the sun sets along the Amalfi Coast.” The “Amalfi Coast” link takes the reader to another page titled, “Things to do in Italy: Experience Amalfi Coast.” This page is then full of helpful links including a pocket travel guide, travel stories, travel tips, and hotels ect.

There could be more pictures or information to help the reader. In my opinion there was not a specific audience targeted, but overall this article is short, sweet and to the point. If a reader is looking for a lot of in-depth information, I would not recommend this article.

A third travel article called, “On Italy’s Amalfi Coast, 5 Must-See Sights,” by Walks of Italy, in my opinion is a better, detailed article compared to the other two I analyzed.

This article right away informs the reader that they will be given 5 must-see attractions, which helps the reader know if that is what they want to read about. The author explains that visiting Amalfi is an overwhelming experience, but they help de-stress the reader by providing their best known knowledge of Amalfi. This article can help an array of individuals such as the confused, young traveler, or an adventure seeking older couple.

This article gives 5 sites that do not all entail just beach life… such as 1) visiting a Vila is Ravello, 2) going to Duomo, an Amalfi Town, 3) visiting Spiaggia di Laurito in Positano (yes is a beach, but a hidden gem most people do not know about!), 4) seeing a gorgeous castle called Castello di Arechi in Salerno, and lastly 5) an option of hiking in Sentiero degli Dei.

This article goes into detail for each 5 must-see attractions. An example is when for must-see attraction 1) the author states, “one of our favorite attractions is the Villa Cimbrone; dating back to the 11th century, the villa, now a hotel, has gorgeous gardens that are open to the public.” This helps the reader know more about what “Villa Cimbrone, Ravello” is.

Along with each description is a photo paired with each attraction. These photos are truly breath taking and catch the attention of the reader. These photos allow the audience vision themselves visiting these attractions.

An example of the beautiful photos from the article. Photo taken from Walks of Italy stating, “Ravello’s Villa Cimbrone, a top sight on the Amalfi coast.”

Overall the detail, specific destinations help make this travel article about the Amafli Coast very beneficial and helpful to the readers.

A fourth travel article that discusses Amalfi Coast’s beauties other than the beach life is an article called, “10 Things You Must Do When Visiting The Amalfi Coast,” by Travel Freak travel blog.

In my opinion, I enjoyed reading this travel article about the Amalfi Coast for a number of reasons, 1) the 10 specific, direct reasons to visit, 2) the short and concise descriptions, 3) the links, and 4) the use of pictures.

This is the type of article I want my travel article to be like. I believe this type of article grabs the readers attention because it is easily readable and use of captivating pictures.

Though the paragraphs are not too long and detailed, I believe it would not be necessary. They contain just the right amount of information for a curious reader… but if someone is looking for a step-by-step vacation plan, this article is not for them.

All Articles contain some type of pro and con, which helps me realize how I want to conduct my If You Go Travel Article. By analyzing other articles and seeing what works and what doesn’t, it helps me be more aware of different types of travel writing. Analyzing different articles is a great way to help anyone further their progress in writing, I highly recommend this practice!


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